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Our Story

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Hi there, 

I’m Mavis, founder of Mavie. Cosmetics. After spending a decade working as a marketing professional in PR, e-commerce, and social media, I found myself yearning to step outside of my comfort zone for more challenges.
As a beauty enthusiast, I tried to turn to cosmetics to look for motivation and inspiration, but had a hard time finding a brand that focuses entirely on empowering one’s self by recognizing their uniqueness from within as most of the major players out there still capitalize on sex appeal and what’s on the surface. From there on, I decided to take the risk to empower myself by taking the initiative on something I’ve always been passionate about and owning it, to build a brand that encourages everyone to let their own light shine, INSIDE OUT. 

We believe in empowerment from within — self-discovery, self-growth, and self-love — because we need to reflect within ourselves in order to grow and embrace our own identity. We also believe in we’re what we wear — not in the sense that we’re defined by the market value or price point of the brands we wear, but by the message and the mission a brand or product shares. That’s why we create every collection with a positive light in mind to help achieve a healthy connection between the inner self and appearance. We want our customers to feel powerful about themselves by reminding them their uniqueness, qualities, and potentials, every morning when they sweep on that blush or glide on that lipstick.

Besides the mission to help our customers discover their inner beauty through our creations, we’re also 100% committed to the quality of our products. All of our current lines are cruelty free, paraben free, and gluten free, with our eyeshadow items also being vegan friendly equally importantly, each of our products gives the optimal results you deserve.

Our customers are conscious beauty consumers who look to purchase from brands whose values and missions they identify with. As brands are no longer an ancillary accessory of identity but the core of it, we can’t wait to meet and introduce ourselves to those who are seeking positive affirmation and empowerment from within one’s self through their purchase decisions.

A little positivity goes a long way. Join us now in the movement to brighten the world, shining your light.

Began with a dream in California,
Team Mavie.

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